Recently I came across this musical gem the other day. I had forgotten all about this song! As soon as I put it on it was just like perfection, it was exactly what I wanted to hear in that moment. A week later and I still put it on probably about 228x a day. It’s just one of those songs that I’m gonna have on repeat for the next month. Do you even know what it means to live if you’ve never listened to a certain song(s) on repeat over and over again?

Anyways, I just really love the feel good beat to it and Brandy’s sweet yet soulful voice. It’s crazy to think that this song is 20 years old and that Brandy was barely 15 when she recorded this track! I definitely recommend that everyone give it a listen. Hopefully it’ll make you wanna cook breakfast and dance around in your underwear — (-:

Also, please note the fashion in the video — LOL.

To watch the video, click here → BRANDY – “I WANNA BE DOWN”

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