It’s been a week since KYLE has released his new single “Just A Picture” which features Kehlani. The single has received a lot of positive reviews from the Super Duper Fan club and even Fader.

The song talks about the modern day problem of social media getting in the middle of relationships. I’m sure this is a problem that everyone has dealt with from time to time. I’m definitely a lover of social media but I understand how annoying the problem can be. I once had a boyfriend who would prefer to play Hay Day rather than acknowledge my presence. Who knew that virtual cows and pigs could be more important than me? (-:

I’m a huge fan of the song. It offers a fun and funky vibe that’ll make you want to dance which is definitely a signature KYLE sound. Kehlani’s signature soulful sound also goes far from unnoticed. Her voice compliments the vibe of the song so perfectly and will make you melt as soon as it graces the track. One of the best things about this song is that the positivity of the beat will allow listeners to want to make the change rather than feel like they’re being nagged at. The lyrics will also make you laugh but remind you about how annoying the topic is. A lot of artists will address serious problems but will get criticized for being corny or soft. KYLE managed to bring up something that mattered to him without getting immature feedback because the song is just too feel-good for you to not wanna listen to it.

So kudos to KYLE & Kehlani for kicking ass. This song is a total win for them as artists and I cannot wait to see the video for it. If you’re not familiar with these two, I definitely suggest you check out more of their music. I’m predicting big things from them for 2015.


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Featured image thanks to KYLE’s website.

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