Sometime last week I was on Twitter & I saw a tweet from @NastyGalMelrose that featured the picture below:


I realized that I was available at the select date and time so in my head I was thinking that I would be attending even though I wasn’t exactly sure what it was. However, I started to doubt myself and I became really unconfident about the whole situation. I thought about all the other girls that would be going and it made me really nervous. So I decided to just give up on it. Then I stopped being lame and I got the courage to send in my RSVP email.

I sent in my RSVP email confirming my attendance. Give it 15 minutes & I get an email back saying that I needed to answer a few questions in order to be selected. At this point I’m almost positive that I’m not going to get picked. Do you know how hard it is to convey who you are via email? Or just like any form of non-verbal communication? It’s hard. Like how do I sound genuine and professional without sounding corny? Then the pressure of first impression makes you forget about simple things like what you like to do or who you are? It’s a complete disaster. I answered one of the questions with a gif so if that doesn’t explain to you how speechless I was, then I don’t know what to tell you.

But it worked! Even with my gif answer! I was getting nervous because I hadn’t heard back but eventually I got the email with the invitation and all the details. The details gave me a lot more information about what exactly I would be attending. It was held in DTLA at the Standard Hotel. I used to go to the Standard Hotel everyday after work to do my homework and now I was going to meet up with Nasty Gal. Kinda crazy how life loops around like that huhh?

After reading the details, I realized that I would be involved in this full on discussion with Nasty Gal employees and other girls from the LA area. I had no idea how many people would be there but regardless, I didn’t want to look like an idiot so I stayed up the night before to study potential questions. I wanted to make sure that I was an active participant in the group.

I arrived at The Standard on time but it was weird because it seemed like just another normal night there. It didn’t feel like anything was going on. I met this girl outside of valet who was also attending the focus group. We walked in together and took the elevator all the way up to 5th floor where we would look for The Blonde Meeting Room. As soon as we got to the 5th floor, the was a woman there to direct us to the meeting room. When we got to the door, we signed a waiver and received name tags. We then walked into the elegant meeting room where there was a long table set for maybe 20 people. There was another room that had desserts along with coffee, tea, and water for us to enjoy. Each seat was assigned and had a notepad and pencil placed in front of it. At this point it became very serious to me and I was glad that I studied. However, I did feel a little extra because I brought my own notebook.

Eventually more girls arrived but I was still a little intimidated that there was only about 15 of us. Before we started, Nicole who is the director of brand marketing at Nasty Gal, explained to us that she would be the moderator for the discussion. She also informed us that Devan & Emily, Nasty Gal Public Relations, would be taking notes during the discussion. We eventually started with some ice breakers and then got into full focus. We talked about all things Nasty Gal. From the site, to the store, to Sophia, you name it. We pretty much talked about what Nasty Gal is now and how it could be even more kick ass. Everyone brought good feedback and ideas to the table. It definitely makes me excited to see what Nasty Gal does throughout 2015 with our collective ideas. Towards the end of the discussion, we talked about more personal things like our favorite trends, designers, accessories, bands, and stuff like that.

It was a super cool experience and all the girls were extremely nice. It was such an easy and natural conversation even though we were talking with some of the upper head at Nasty Gal. Before we left we all sat around and got to know each other more. I said a few things on camera for them as well for a video that they’re going to be sending to HQ. I was so glad that I got the courage to go and apply because in the end it was an awesome opportunity.¬†The Nasty Gal staff was so nice and the whole experience just reinforced my feelings about Nasty Gal. I wasn’t disappointed in any way. It definitely inspired me to not doubt myself and to do whatever I want to do. Maybe one day I’ll even be lucky enough to be a Nasty Gal employee.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I got a free $100 gift card?

Thanks Nasty Gal.



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  1. Neat experience! I’m glad you overcame your doubt and RSVP’d. In the past I gave up on so many oppportunities because I doubted my abilities compared to those who ‘might’ be more skilled, even if I had no ldea who the other people were.

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