My hair is grey! This is something I’ve been trying to achieve for a while now & I’ve finally accomplished the look!

So I’ve been wanting to dye my hair a “crazy” color for quite some time now. My natural hair color is dark & I’ve worked really hard (& spent a lot of $$$) to get it blonde & maintain it. In my opinion, it would be a waste of an opportunity to not dye my hair a crazy color since I have it bleached. I spent a lot of time debating on what color I wanted, I want to try every shade pretty much.

I ultimately came to a conclusion and picked grey because of my job at the time. I wasn’t allowed to have an unnatural hair color which obviously limited me. So I decided that I could probably get away with going grey. It’s not natural but it is at the same time. So I just went for it.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetThe¬†picture above is the result of the first time I went to the salon to attempt grey. It definitely wasn’t what I expected but I didn’t hate it so I kind of just let it be. I also wanted to see if my blonde shampoo would do anything to the color. Unfortunately, it didn’t work in my favor at all. My hair faded back to blonde within a week. However, it was the lightest blonde I’ve ever had so I was still happy.

IMG_7023I really liked the grey though & I wanted to attempt it again. So I went on the internet to research how I could do it at home. I then went to Sally’s Beauty Supply to pick up a recommended toner. The whole issue with grey hair is the fact that grey dye doesn’t exist. The grey look is accomplished only by toners. As many of you know toners aren’t permanent, they fade. So I got a Wella toner & the picture above was the final result. I liked the way it came out but of course, it faded within a week.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetNow here I am again with my freshly dyed grey hair. I went to the salon again to achieve this color. This grey is a lot more vibrant than the first grey I was given at the salon. The color actually even has hints of violent & blue to the grey which is why I like to call the color blue steel. I also purchased a highly recommended violet shampoo from the UK that should help my grey stay this time! I’ll most likely do a product review on the shampoo soon.

But anyway, I just wanted to share my journey of trying to attain grey hair. It’s not easy! Let me know if you have any comments or questions below. Tips & suggestions are highly welcomed as well!

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