The Meiji Shrine is a beautiful Shinto shrine located in Shibuya just outside of Harajuku. 


The Meiji Shrine was built in dedication to Emperor Meiji after his death. The shrine is actually not that old compared to some of  the other shrines within Japan. It was originally built in the 1920’s but had to be rebuilt due to the fact that the building was destroyed in World War II.


DSCF0260The Meiji Shrine is located within a beautiful forrest that is approximately 170 acres. Throughout the forrest you’ll see many locals doing practices of recreation and relaxtion. However this is an area where you’ll find tourists. For the most part, my Japan experience did not include running into other tourists which was really surprising in my opinion.

When visitors seek a spiritual experience, they go to the courtyard of the shrine just outside of the central sanctuary. This is where visitors can leave prayer requests that will be posted on a sheet of wood on the shrine’s prayer wall. There is also a fountain outside of the shrine where visitors can wash their hands before they pray.





Unfortunately, I feel that I did not capture enough images to truly show the Meiji Shrine as a whole. With that being said, I feel that the Meiji Shrine isn’t something can truly be captured by camera. Pictures simply do not do justice. The shrine and the forrest are enormous. There is so much to see leading up to the actual shrine. If you ever get the chance to visit Japan, I definitely recommend visiting the Meiji Shrine.


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