This past Sunday I had the opportunity to attend the LGBT Pride Parade in Long Beach, California.

This was my first time attending pride & I was really excited. I’ve always heard about how much fun it is so I was happy to be experiencing it for myself finally. There was so many people there! The LBGT community is huge within Long Beach, I had no idea to be honest. I didn’t even know that Long Beach had their own pride, I thought the only pride within SoCal was in LA.

Nonetheless, it was a pleasant surprise. There was so much color and happiness throughout the whole event. There was people of all ages, races, and sexualities. It was awesome to see everyone put everything aside and enjoy the moment. The parade went on for a while & had tons of different acts: floats, cheer teams, city council, bands, drag queens, the list goes on. There was tons of freebies being handed out as well, everything from chapstick to lube. I’m a huge fan of Drag Queens so that had to be one of the things I was most excited about.

We pretty much partied & danced the whole parade, the LBGT community knows how to have a good time. Everyone was so welcoming too! I made so many new friends & spent the rest of my Sunday Funday with the people I had met at the parade.

If you ever get the chance, I definitely recommend attending pride. It’s a parade unlike any other. Everyone is just worried about having a good time and being happy. Even if you aren’t LGBT, it’s always good to experience different lifestyles and put yourself in new situations.

If you decide to give pride a chance, LA’s Pride will be taking place from June 12th-14th in West Hollywood. My best friend will be going so hopefully I’ll get the chance to attend as well.


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