Welcome to Puerto Peñasco, Mexíco!

A few weeks ago, I got the chance to visit Puerto Peñasco, Mexíco for the very first time. Puerto Peñasco is more commonly known as Rocky Point or “Arizona’s Beach.” The reason being is because it’s the closest entry to the ocean that Arizona has. For about a year and a half I lived in Arizona and would always hear people talk about Rocky Point. For the average Arizonan, this is definitely a must-do during summer.

Finally the opportunity to go to Rocky Point came about so I decided to take the trip with some of my friends from Arizona. I was so excited to see my friends again and to be traveling somewhere new. I had so much fun but I really wish I would have taken more time to snap some extra pics.


LOS AMIGOS– One thing that surprised me about this trip was the amount of poverty that you’re surrounded by. This didn’t make me feel annoyed or irritated but it made me feel sad and even a little bit confused. To some extent this is considered a tourist town and tourist towns have a good flow of money that run through it. However, the town really felt like it was struggling to stay afloat. I guess I was expecting a more Cabo or Cancun type setting. The town also accepts US Dollars which are worth a lot more than Mexican Pesos. I would just think that with all the tourists and USD that runs through the town that it would be a little more put together. It really hurt my heart to see people struggling and to see them picking up any odd job to get a source of income. Everyone’s experiences with Mexican citizens are different but my experience did not include anything negative. Throughout my trip I experienced honest, hard working people. Never did anyone try to upsell me or take advantage of the language barrier. The prices in Mexico are very cheap so it made me happy to know that I could afford to leave a big tip whenever I was serviced. This is something that I think everyone should be able to do. You work for your tip, this is true but if you can afford to give a little more then I don’t see why not. Those few extra dollars that you give them can make a difference in their everyday life.


 THE BEACH So obviously, Rocky Point is a beach which gives you tons of options of how you want to spend your time. Whether it be swimming or sunbathing, there multiple leisure activities tied to the beach. One thing that I highly recommend doing is taking a ride on a banana boat! You can find men on the beach that give banana boat rides for anywhere around $5-$7 a person. You ride on the banana boat for about 15-20 minutes and it is so much fun! They’re super fast and bouncy and everyone’s trying their hardest to stay on while the driver whips the boat back and forth. Parasailing is also very popular here but unfortunately we got a bit distracted and didn’t end up going. There are also a lot of people on the beach that will try to sell you stuff. I got a massage, a bracelet, and a henna tattoo all from beach vendors. If you’re gonna buy anything from a beach vendor make sure it’s a massage, 40 mins for $20. You definitely will not regret it.


FOOD- Mexican food just might possibly be the best food in the world and I was so happy to be in the land where it all started. I’m the type of person who loves grungy hole-in-the-wall joints just as much as I love 5 star so I’m pretty satisfied in any situation. Just as I had mention earlier, the town of Puerto Peñasco is a town of poverty so don’t expect to find 5 star dining anytime soon. There are probably more street tacos than there are actual dining establishments. If you prefer to eat at a restaurant, then definitely head towards town where you can find multiple choices on the main street. If you’re a little more adventurous then don’t be afraid to try a street dog or street tacos. I personally fell in love with the street tacos I had, they were so good! More than anything I ate street tacos while I was in Mexico. I had aguachiles at a restaurant for lunch that were also good as well. Then I had a street dog later on that night. It was my first time trying one and I really liked it. Then for breakfast the next morning I couldn’t help but shove my face with homemade tortillas.


DRINKS- Great news, drinks are cheap and you only have to be 18! To find bars you’re going to want to go to the main street next to all the restaurants & shops. In town we went to this bar that I believe is called “Shark Bite,” I’m not completely sure. The bar was a little small I guess but we had tons of fun. It was filled with tons of dollars, taggings, and pictures that are all over the wall. They also have a DJ, hula hoops, a pole, chalk, tables for drinking games, and a whole bunch of other random crap to keep you entertained while you’re there. The bar is ran by an American woman so you’ll see a bit of a price difference in the drinks. Another popular bar there is the Wrecked At Reef bar but we didn’t get the chance to make it over there. However I wasn’t mad about it because my favorite place to drink was at the resort, especially during the happy hour. You could get two drinks, for the price of one! Seriously such a good deal and their drinks were so good. Another thing I recommend trying is a Piña Colada that they make for you on the beach, they’re super yummy and it even comes in the pineapple!


 LAS PALOMAS- We stayed at the Las Palomas resort which was very nice. My friend’s dad owns a timeshare there so we pretty much stayed in a penthouse. Everything was super luxury and very clean. The kitchen also comes with a lot of amenities so if you want to cook or make your own drinks you totally can. The only thing I can complain about is the fact that their water didn’t really get that hot in the shower. From my understanding, you get what you pay for at Rocky Point so don’t be afraid to be a little lenient when it comes to paying for a room. While talking to other people that were in Rocky Point, they would talk about how gross their rooms were. Not only were they gross but they were far from where everything was going on. So if you want to stay at Puerto Peñasco and have the benefit of knowing that your room will be nice, then I definitely recommend staying at Las Palomas.


WHAT TO WEAR- Even though it’s a vacation and resort setting at Puerto Peñasco, it’s very casual. I definitely wouldn’t worry too much about having really put together outfits or anything like that. Basic and casual beach wear should be more than fine.

I had so much fun in Puerto Peñasco and I was really sad that our trip was so short. I would definitely like to go back one day and see what else this little town has to offer. Comment if you have any questions or if you want to share your Rocky Point experience!

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