June 26, 2015: the day love won & history was made.

The Supreme Court has finally ruled in favor of allowing marriage equality within all 50 states of America. This means that everyone apart of the LGBT community can now attain a marriage license and seek an official happily ever after. It warms my heart to see everyone happy and I’m so proud to see so much positivity surrounding the news. As far as social media goes, I saw very little negativity compared to all the other acceptance going on throughout my timeline. But maybe this is just another reassurance that I’m surrounding myself with the right people.

I cannot look back in my life and pinpoint the moment that I encountered my first gay couple or anything like that. I try my hardest to think but nothing strikes me, nothing at all. I think it’s because it’s never been shocking to me. It has never ever been a experience where my life needed a moment because I was so confused or upset. It was just there, it was just a thing, it made sense to me. I was definitely not a sheltered child either when it came to homosexual matters. A lot of my family members themselves are gay. Till this very day, at 20 years of age, I can say that my life is not any different because I was exposed to homosexual culture as a child. I’m straight, I’m a natural girl who likes natural boys and I have never felt confused, thrown off, or threatened by homosexuals. You shouldn’t either and neither will the children of our future.

GOVERNMENT- This is such a tough spot for our country because we are a nation built upon Christianity and the bible. To me, it has always made sense that we should allow marriage equality. Our founding fathers were sure of our certain unalienable rights; life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness. These are unalienable rights that every U.S. civilian should have. So marriage equality definitely makes sense in this aspect. However, we cannot deny that we are one nation under God. We are a nation that was built upon the Bible and upon the 10 commandments. This book has helped us decide for years what is right and what is wrong, our moral consciousness comes from this word. So you have these lifestyles that contradict each other which is why we have been struggling with this for so long. However, I see this as an equality issue and a civil right. Which is why I am pro-gay marriage.

RELIGION- When it comes to religion and homosexuality, I understand the controversy. I totally get it. I was raised as a Catholic but I now identify as a Christian. I love God and I believe in his word. With that being said, I do not know where I stand on homosexuality being a sin. I say this because I know that God made Eve for Adam and that all biblical relationships were between a man and a woman. Even after knowing all that it’s still hard for me to grasp the concept that God isn’t okay with people being genuinely in love or genuinely happy? God loves us and he wants us to be happy. I would think that a big part of being happy is choosing who you get to love.

Maybe I’m crazy for thinking that way or maybe I’m even immature? Nonetheless I know that God will always want us to love; to love Him and to love each other. God’s own son Jesus Christ sat with sinners. Thieves, prostitutes, you name it; Jesus was at their side. Jesus was there to love them, he was never there to judge them. When asked about the father, Jesus let them know. Even though these people were sinners and had their own opinions of God, Jesus never denied his father. I know that God would want me to do as Jesus did. God knows how hard it is to live a perfect life on Earth which is why he sacrificed his own son for us. God knows us so well and can see our true intentions. As long as you are living life with true intentions of love, happiness, and effort to be the best person you can be; then I believe that God will continue to love and forgive you.

So I will leave it up to God to decide who is a sinner, it has always been his decision. While I continue to spend my time here on Earth, I will love everyone as my brother and sister. I will not judge and I will not condemn. We all have the ability to decide how we treat others and how we live our lives. Instead of choosing negativity, choose happiness. Life is too short to give too much attention to the bad things.

God forgives. Love wins.

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