Along with Straight Outta Compton, Amy is another music biopic that you need to see before the Summer ends.

Amy, is the Amy Winehouse biopic put together by award-winning director Asif Kapadia. The film pieces together unseen footage from Amy’s life to tell you the story of her remarkable, short-lived existence. Along with the home footage, the film includes extensive interviews, unheard tracks, & rare performances.

For as much as I love fantasy, I love facts. Which is why I really enjoyed how this biopic was done. I really liked that I could hear about Amy from firsthand perspectives & watch her story unfold in front of my eyes. Everything was raw & real, no recreations.

You were caught in this awkward limbo between happiness & despair throughout the film. Amy’s life was really a beautiful disaster. She was a benevolent spirit that adapted to her surroundings. You could tell that she really just wanted to be happy & that she loved to love. It was so frustrating to watch the harmful people in her life effect her so heavily. I felt so much anger towards her dad & towards her boyfriend, Blake. They both put her through so much & brought a lot of negative aspects to her life. It confused me that she could continue to love them the same after all they had put her through. However, it also amazed me. It amazed me because it can be so hard for some people to love that unconditionally yet she did it without second thought.

More than anything, you were able to see how truly talented Amy was. She wasn’t just a performer, she was an artist. I find so much power in her music when I hear her strong voice wail the wistful worries of her past. She always performed so effortlessly, no matter her state of mind. Amy is one of my favorite artists till this very day & it is unfortunate that she is no longer with us. However, I find happiness in knowing that she is in peace & not in pain. For Amy to still be here, would mean pain & not peace. Because for Amy, it was her pain that she turned into poetry.

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