And I would love to meet the asshole who made it a thing.

For those of you who are unaware, “daddy issues” is this bullshit theory that is built around the idea of poor relationships between a father & daughter. Apparently the absence of a father figure in a girl’s life will cause her to act out promiscuously & rebelliously. Whether it be submerging herself into a toxic relationship, drugs, alcohol, or crime. Daddy issues can pretty much be the cause for anything wrong in a girl’s life.


First off, I want to give a shoutout to all the males that feel they are also victims of daddy issues as well. Daddy issues is typically known for a father-daughter relationship but I believe that father-son relationships also have some daddy issues of their own. It’s not fair to either gender that only female cases get the daddy issue stamp approval.

I come from a divorced home. My parents have actually divorced each other twice. (They’re stupid, I know) Throughout these two divorces, I felt that I really had to step up to the plate. My dad was running around reckless, my mom was withering away, & my brother was falling apart. I didn’t have time to sit there & complain about my “daddy issues”. I had to keep my chin up & keep going because I was the only person who could possibly even manage to keep my mom & brother afloat.

It was very hard for me to sit there & watch my brother take this situation in the worst way. His dad was gone & he had kind of just given up on things. My brother was eventually even switched over to home school because he wouldn’t leave the house, let alone his room. My brother let the poor decisions that my dad made eat him alive.

At first I was obviously devastated as well but at the end of the day, those are the choices my father made. There’s nothing that anyone could have done to change my dad’s natural desires or intentions. The first divorce, I blamed myself, my brother, & my mom. But when it was the second time around, I came to this huge & peaceful realization that that’s just who my dad is as a person. That is the life he wants to live. You can’t change people’s desires. My brother has finally realized this & is now able to live a healthy life without a father.

Just like anything else in life, you choose how you deal with certain things. Don’t choose daddy issues. Choose to be better.

There are so many people out there who don’t have a father, you are not alone. This isn’t some type of RadFem-women-don’t-need-no-man bullshit rant. This is about valuing who you are as a person & valuing your life no matter who causes damage down your path. Not having a father isn’t going to make you any less of a person. Choose to be positive & choose to be proactive. Your absent father chose to be absent for selfish reasons & there is nothing you can do to change that. Don’t let society push you down into a deep dark hole that some people will fail to ever get out of. Suck it up, don’t make excuses for yourself or for other people. Choose to keep yourself busy & do whatever it takes to accomplish your dreams.

My mom has worked so hard to raise me & show me what I can make of this world. It would be a disgrace to her & the rest of my loving family for me to throw my life away all because of ONE person. One selfish person. I choose happiness & to not let anyone stop me from succeeding. I can move forward confidently knowing where I stand but I’ll try to keep the booze & miniskirts to a minimum in the meanwhile, don’t want my ~dAddY iSSueZ~ showing.

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