Next March will be the end of an era as Playboy decides to cover up by launching a redesign of the infamous magazine; a redesign that will feature no more nudes.

No more nudes? What do you mean? This is Playboy?

Relax & take a deep breath, Playboy will still be featuring all your favorite women & their beautiful bodies — just not as wide open. Playboy’s plan to redesign will feature women in provocative poses still with subtle nudity.

Why no more nudes?

Well, it’s simple — the internet. Truth is you can go online & find nudity pretty much anywhere. If it’s not a host site then it’s just some girl that’s posting pics on her social media. Playboy has even come to embrace the internet with the Playboy Cyber Club.┬áHere, you can access full nude shoots for $10 a year. It’s a bit pompous to ask users to subscribe considering free porn is practically everywhere. Holly Madison also referred to the Cyber Club as the “throwaway pile” in her new book, Down The Rabbit Hole. I’m not quite sure that anyone would want to pay $10 for some throwaways.

Truthfully, I’m excited to see Playboy make this change even though that might be an unpopular opinion. I think this will allow Playboy to rebrand in a sense & retrograde in a positive way. The one thing that has always set Playboy apart from others is the class & luxury that follows the label. It’s a magazine created for the businessman not necessary the hoi polloi which I feel the magazine has catered to in these past years. I think that a lot of the recent spreads have been so nude that it’s just blunt & tacky at this point. I like the idea of more artistic spreads that will work with the body in creative ways rather than just blatantly exposing it. So overall, I’m for it. I want to see more art rather than just porn. I would also like to see that luxury & exclusiveness return back to the brand. A Playboy x Rihanna spread in the near future would also be a great addition as well.

Whether you care or you don’t care, I’m excited. Playboy will still be Playboy & PornHub will still be free.

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