A record number of Hypebeast tears fell upon MacBooks & APC jeans alike as the Supreme x Air Jordan Vs sold out within seconds.

The Supreme x Air Jordan Vs collab was a highly anticipated item among Hypebeasts & Sneakerheads. For months the shoe had been rumored to release & eventually pics of the collection were leaked.

Early Thursday morning, coast to coast, the Supreme cult awoke in hopes of copping the sneakers that were rumored to be released along with Supreme x Independent collab. Much to their dismay, the sneakers weren’t listed on that Thursday, October 15th. It wasn’t long before hopeful buyers took their anger to the internet filling Twitter & Facebook with questions as to where the Jordans were?

Well 12:30 pm PT rolls around & an email hits my inbox announcing that the Jordans will be releasing tomorrow — ONLINE ONLY; unlike Japan & London that will be able to buy the shoes online & in-store. In addition to the Supreme webstore, the camo colorway was also offered on NikeLab. I’m sure it’s easy to find reasoning as to why Supreme decided to do online only for the US drop. Last year during the release of the Supreme Foamposites, NYPD shut down the line due to chaos which left buyers empty handed. Since the sneakers couldn’t be released in-store, they quickly announced that they would be up for grabs the next day online. As you can imagine this could be quite traumatic for some buyers. For some people, it’s an addition to their collection. For other people, it’s a paycheck.

Fortunately I got to talk to two people who copped themselves a pair of the Jordans — no bot required.

Anthony Cimolino might be one of the biggest Supreme fans anyone could ever meet. He’s pretty much Supreme down to the socks & is three stores away from saying that he’s been to all the Supreme brick & mortars. He’s an avid collector & you could expect him to be up early every Thursday morning in hopes to cop new pieces. When I had spoke to Anthony yesterday, he told me that he had plans of using the mobile app to purchase the Supreme x Air Jordan Vs. Ultimately this surprised me but I always trust that Anthony knows what to do. Since the Jordans ended up dropping “late” (8:05am PT), Anthony quickly decided to switch his method & opened up his MacBook instead. With unbreakable focus & confident clicks, Anthony was successful at purchasing the Supreme x Air Jordan Vs; size 9, white colorway — a highly desired size & color. Unlike many, Anthony actually has plans of wearing his sneakers rather than reselling.

On the other hand, we a have a reseller named Sir John W. Chiaravalle III. This morning when John got onto his iMac he had nothing but intentions of purchasing a pair of the sneakers to resell. At first, John failed at an attempt of putting a pair of sneakers into his shopping cart. However he remained hopeful & kept at it. Sure enough, the sneakers were his. Apparently there were a few waves of restocks & he was lucky enough to be there at just the right time. John ended up getting a pair of the white colorway in a size 10.5. So far John has his pair set to sell at $900 & wants to have them sold by the end of the day.

Both Grailed & Ebay are filled with the sneakers reselling at anywhere between $500-$1000. I’ve actually even seen a pair set for sale at $1530. It’s the ugly camo colorway but they’re a size 8 which is a highly requested size & adds value to the sneaker — even though they’re still ugly.

I’m sure that as time goes by, buyers will be able to see the prices reduce by at least a couple hundred. Good luck to everyone looking to purchase!

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