This select item is probably not on every girl’s Christmas list in America & probably not even in Canada. However, I fucking love this jersey.

I’m sure most of you are curious as to if I even watch hockey. The answer is no, I do not watch hockey. I’m sure that will upset puck lovers everywhere & I can understand that. I don’t mean to upset you but I can’t help that I love this jersey.

I’ve been wanting a hockey jersey for a while but have stopped myself from getting one because it felt generic owning one. I didn’t have any reason at all as to why I would be wearing a hockey jersey. The only reason is that I like the way they look; the bulkiness & bagginess of them. I decided that I would just find a replica hockey jersey I liked by a non-NHL affiliated brand. However, that moment never came & I never got a hockey jersey.

Well there was a quick moment in my life when I had a friend who liked hockey. Up until that point I didn’t know a thing about hockey & I had never been close to anyone that could teach me the basics so I was excited that I finally had someone to show me. Well during one of our hockey talks, we came across the Calgary logo & I was obsessed. I guess when you think about it, the logo is simple but maybe that’s what makes it so great.

The Calgary Flames jersey is mostly a solid red with carefully placed lining of gold, black, & white. I usually don’t care for red but I’ll happily make an exception here. Right in the middle of the jersey is the golden piece, the flaming C. This is the part that really caught my eye.

As most of you know, C is a pretty important letter in my life being that C is a huge part of my identity; i.e. (C)heyenne & (C)hromespinnin. I couldn’t help but feel like this jersey was a perfect representation of me & how I feel. I feel like I could wear this jersey confidently because it’s a lot more than just hockey or a jersey to me. It’s a lot more than just a look or a team. To me, it’s an expression & I deem it it symbolic.

Even if this jersey doesn’t catch your eye, I would still recommend adding a hockey jersey to your winter wardrobe. They’re a really solid piece. They have a baggy fit but are made of thick, quality material to help keep you warm which means you won’t have throw a jacket over it & you’ll be able to flaunt your jersey proudly. It’ll also allow you to properly pull off a sporty look during the winter where a basketball jersey would be a cold. And lets face it, no basketball (or baseball) jersey looks good with a long sleeve underneath. However, you could always go for a football jersey with a long sleeve underneath or even a varsity jacket. But the wrong varsity jacket can make you look corny & a layered football jersey almost seems lazy. Hockey jerseys have more of a special eye-catching look in my opinion. They’re big, bulky, & bold. Plus, you don’t see them everyday. That alone will make it a standout piece in your wardrobe.

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