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Tell Malibu Barbie to pack it up; Moschino Barbie is here & she is the most fabulous of them all.

It’s no secret that Moschino has a devout love for Barbie. From her looks to her lifestyle, Barbie represents everything Moschino is: gorgeous, bubbly, stylish, & high end.

The high end note is definitely not missed here being that this piece of plastic will put quite a charge on that little piece of plastic you keep in your wallet. Moschino Barbie was originally going for $150 but now can be found on eBay for $300+. Being that this a super collector’s item, the doll sold out quick & will be expected to gain value over the years.

For those of you that won’t spend $300 on a doll, don’t feel let down just yet; you can match Moschino Barbie! In addition to the doll, Jeremy Scott put together a capsule that will let you be the life-sized version of Moschino Barbie.

“The thing I love most about Barbie is that she is the ultimate muse, she’s worn every style & design imaginable & at the same time she’s had every possible profession you can dream of.” – Jeremy Scott


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