Halloween during Christmas?

I know, I know. This post is way overdue! But without any further ado, I present to you my Escape experience.


Escape was my second rave being that I went to EDC over summer. Just like EDC, Escape is put on by the infamous Insomniac events which is the company for putting on just about all the major mainstream raves that everyone talks about.

Even if you don’t know anything about Insomniac I’m sure you hear about how expensive their raves are. Their prices are at such a high, that they even offer payment plans for those that can’t drop $300 on a ticket right away. But I’ll get back to that later.

Out of all the things that were going on, I was convinced to go to Escape. I really wanted to go to Hard Day Of The Dead because they had a better line up & my best friend was going but it was a 21+ rave so unfortunately I didn’t meet the age limit.

All week I had been thinking about what’d I be for Halloween but I couldn’t come up with a solid idea. So the morning of Halloween I went around town to try & gather up something to make some sort of costume. The Halloween stores were super packed (of course) so I ended up buying an electric baby blue wig, a cheap white tank top, & a pair of fishnets. I just decided that standard “rave-wear” would be okay for the night. Once I had gotten ready I was feeling super pumped & I was excited to flaunt my blue hair & matching lips.

So now that my outfit had been figured out, there was only one more thing I needed — my ticket.

Even though we had known the whole week that we were going to go to Escape, we decided to keep pushing back the tickets. We thought that the longer we’d wait the cheaper tickets we would find. To some extent, that was true. However, I had spent my whole day looking for a costume & not for a ticket. So by the time I was ready to look for a ticket, all the cheap options had been taken. So we thought, no problem, we’ll just go to the site & pay the surge price to get the tickets. Welp, that was another thing we were wrong about. Our only hope was that they were selling tickets at the door. We decided to press our luck & make the drive down to Escape knowing that we might not get tickets to get in.

When we arrived it was a bit weird in my opinion.

*NOTE* I’m comparing this whole experience to the only other rave I’ve been to — EDC which is the creme of the crops of raves.

Anyways, we get there & it feels weird. It’s dark & I can’t hear the music even though the GPS lets us know that we’re like 5 mins away. I was expecting to be blinded by strobes & hear the bass from like miles away. Well that was definitely not the case here. The best part about arriving though was walking into the rave. All of the streets were completely shut off & were swarmed with ravers of all kinds. There is power in numbers & it felt really intense being apart of this huge crowd knowing that we were all here for the same thing. There was thousands of ravers & maybe a couple hundred police if not less, for some reason that ratio just puts it on edge & makes it feel like the smallest incident could start a riot.

Finally we get to the front & were greeted by masses of lines. Good news though, some of these lines included ticket sales! So we hopped in line & about 30 mins later we had the wristbands & were good to go. After this, we had to hop in another line which maybe took another 10 mins to get in. This line included ID check, security check, & wristband check. This part was very interesting to me because they literally analyzed the ID’s super hardcore which I didn’t expect. When I had went to EDC it was like they didn’t even look at it. Here, they definitely looked over my ID completely. At one point she didn’t even believe that the ID was my legal ID. She asked me a series of questions & even asked me to spell out my middle name. I know I was wearing a blue wig but like come on? After the ID check, you went to security check which was a whole lot less strict. They pretty much made me do a 360 spin & let me in.


It’s aight.

I’m still not impressed immediately. Right as you walk in there was just this big bit of empty space for people to stand around & such, followed by the first warehouse. I believe this warehouse was a hardstyle stage & someone in our group was really excited to see some DJ at that timeslot so we rushed over.

*NOTE* Sorry, hate to break it to you but I’m not a super EDM fan. I’m that person that all the real ravers hate because I’m almost absolutely unfamiliar with the line up. To some extent I enjoy EDM, I just don’t follow it regularly or anything like that.

Anyways, we rush over to the warehouse but it’s packed to capacity & employees aren’t letting anyone else in. There was a whole ton of people still piled outside the door trying their hardest to smash together & listen to the set. We just kept on moving & went over to the main tent. On our way there we passed by vendors offering food, alcohol, Red Bull, & even The Abbey had a tent which was pretty cool. The main tent is packed as expected but we squish our way in there the best that we can. We’re in there for about 20 mins & then the set ends & the tent clears out. Since there was a break between the sets everyone wanted to take advantage of the time to meet up with friends of course.

We spend about 45 minutes in front of the water refill station until we decide that everyone is happy with the group & that we’re good to go. I wish that I could’ve spent that 45 minutes maybe walking around more to see the rest of the event. Anyways, I ended up adopting some little rave boy who lost his group & needed to borrow my phone. He ended up not being able to get ahold of his friends so I let him hangout with me ~lolz~. After the water refill station, we ended up in front of the ferris wheel for way too long as well. Finally half of our group was like fuck this, this set seems cool, we’re leaving. So we ditch the ferris wheel & made our way back to the main stage.

This time we came in through the main stage from the back. In all honesty, this tent was HUGE. Coming in from the back was a better idea too because you got to see it as a whole. All the lights, totem poles, & the whole Psycho Circus stage including all the confetti & pyrotechnics. It was honestly quite a sight to see & it definitely put you in the mood. As the set went on we kept walking & walking & walking & before you knew it we were close up to the stage. It was weird because the closer we got to the stage, the more space there was to dance? I didn’t understand it.

As I walked through the tent there was so much to see. So many cool costumes, pretty girls, ugly boys, dilated pupils, & people too touchy for my personal comfort. At one point I seen a guy fingering this girl who had to be a legal midget. I also seen this foreign girl who looked rather normal at first. She looked so normal that she almost looked out of place. Then I took a closer look & it kind of seemed like she was going to pass out from a heart attack at any minute. About 3 seconds later she grabbed her friend’s face & started making out with her. She then did this two more times with her two other female friends that were there. It was such a weird thing to see. They really did look so innocent prior to that black moment I caught.

When it came to the sets, I approved for the most part. The most memorable set was Martin Garrix who ended the night for us & it was awesome. We were so deep into the tent that we couldn’t really leave so we stayed there the whole night & didn’t go to the other stages which was kind of a bummer in my opinion. I liked the sets that we saw because we were at the house stage but I still would’ve liked to see more of the grounds or the other set up of the stages.

The main stage was incredible, you could definitely tell it was a product of Insomniac. I’ll never get over the atmosphere of EDC & when I looked at the Psycho Circus stage I saw that same prestigious & creative hard work of Insomniac that they execute so well. As far as the rest of the rave, there wasn’t too much going on in my opinion but then again I didn’t see like half of it I guess. I liked that they offered a few rides & haunted mazes as well since it was Halloween. I really appreciate the little extra things like that.


Ok, so, it was cool. I had fun & I was happy that I didn’t stay home doing nothing on Halloween. However, I feel that I paid WAY TOO MUCH. Which I had kind of hinted at before. Since we had waited last minute & bought tickets at the door, we ended up paying $135 for each wristband. That honestly is ridiculous. Like $135 for one night? No thanks. Not again. It was cool but I would never pay that much for what I had experienced. Would I pay $300~ for EDC? Hell yeah I would, it’s worth it. I would pay $135 for one night of EDC but not $135 for one night of Escape. So maybe in retrospect, it wasn’t completely bad but I just felt like I should’ve got a bit more for my money & I was really wishing that I could have went to Hard DOTD. I heard so many people complain about DOTD in regards to the atmosphere but that was about it.

Who knows, maybe I’m just not cut out for raves or I missed the bigger picture? Part of me wants to try another non-EDC rave but then the other part of me doesn’t want to be disappointed again. So I don’t know, we’ll see.

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