Check out Injury Reserve’s new video for “Yo”.

“Yo” is off of Injury Reserve’s latest album, Live From The Dentist Office which was released back in July of this year. Since July, Injury Reserve has continued to dominate the Arizona hip-hop scene & be shared all over the interwebz attaining credibility from GMAD, BLUNTIQ, Illroots, & even Mr. Anthony Fantano himself.

The best thing about Injury Reserve is that they keep getting better & better. From their first EP to this new album, you’re able to pick up on a sense of a whole new sound, group & even attitude. With each release, you see progression; that is something so powerful to have in this industry. Some people have to strain their brains to even think up half of what they got down. But hey, some people just got it like that. That’s the power of being yourself & the power of not catering to other people.

Anyways, watch this video. “Yo” happens to be one of my favorite tracks off the album so even if you don’t enjoy the visuals, you’ll enjoy the sounds. But I promise you’ll love it. It’s simple, it’s feel good, — it’s Injury Reserve.

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