So, peeled or unpeeled?

I was on Facebook the other day as I came across NYLON’s  “Just The Tips”. A “sex-positive, discussion-based series where women share their experience, insight, and—yep—tips for navigating those sexual situations of which we have so many feels.”

To start the series, they opened the topic of circumcised penises for discussion. Women of all kinds gave feedback on the different types of penises they have come across & shared their opinions.

After watching the video, I wasn’t really surprised at anything I had heard. All these women had valid & standard opinions. I didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary. Believe it or not, when girls get together in private they talk about these types of things & yeah, none of these opinions are new. 

What did surprise me was all the comments on NYLON’s Facebook post. Both men & women were firing at NYLON for allowing women to freely talk about their opinions & state their preferences.

Both genders were stating that this was unfair & immature. That if this was the other way around, where men were talking about women’s bodies, that everyone would consider it a double standard. When men have opinions, it’s seen as sexist & derogative. When women have opinions,  it’s seen as carefree & empowering; “just girls being girls.”

I agree, having an opinion about someone else’s body is shitty. Especially since nature doesn’t let us pick what we want from the gene pool. But the truth of the matter is, we all have preferences — ALL OF US DO. With preference comes opinion but this doesn’t mean that we should discriminate. Everyone needs to be conscious, considerate, & open minded when it comes to other people. This includes their opinions, values, morals, beliefs, preferences, & especially their bodies. Which is one of the most sacred, private, & intimate things you could share with someone else.

The biggest thing I was able to take away from this discussion is how sweet women really are & how we really just want equality. I know we have our moments where were bitchy, demanding, & a little high maintenance but at the end of the day, most of us mean well. I thought it was so sweet & considerate that all these women were commenting on how NYLON was wrong for tearing men down about their natural or circumcised penises. How powerful of us to show men that we want to rid of the double standard with leading by example.

Men have always been making preferences about the female body but here we are as women, still sticking up for them even though they do this type of thing to us all the time. I really can’t get over how sweet that is. I don’t mean to tear men down in this moment but I just highly doubt I could go to a men’s column & see this type of behavior. Realistically I feel like men are always first to jump & say whether they prefer bush or no bush, innies or outies, or my personal favorite — tits vs. ass.

I’m Miss No Booty herself & it sucks. It’s no secret that men prefer booty over boobies. It hurts to know that I get over looked because I ain’t exactly packin’ back there. However, I get over it. I understand that it’s opinion, preference, & just men being men. Yeah I might have a little booty but my little booty means that I have little legs & small ankles which are features that I love about myself. It really is a trade off.

I don’t expect everyone to feel exuberantly confident about themselves because that is a mindset that is very hard to master, but we shouldn’t let opinions or preferences get to us so much. It’s just people being people & everyone is allowed to have an opinion. So don’t ever tear yourself up about your body because at the end of the day, someone will prefer you exactly how you are.

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