Earlier this year Bleach London fell under my radar & I have been obsessed ever since.

I came across Bleach when I read an i-D article that interviewed Bleach’s founder Alex Brownsell. Bleach is pretty much responsible for all the dreamy, colored hair you see all over the internet. Between their products & their skillful stylists out of their London salon, I couldn’t believe that such a hair utopia existed.

I’ve always wanted to dye my hair fun colors but I had been afraid to do so. Then one time I got the courage to do it myself & I fucked up my hair ~lmao~. So yeah, I NEVER recommend doing it yourself. Always go to a professional if you want your hair to look good & most importantly, if you want it to stay healthy.

Anyways, after professional help, bunches of bleach, & tons of patience, I am finally at a good shade of light ash blonde that will absorb color well. I’ve had my hair silver & even pink. After pink I made the terrible decision to go for something like a balayage-ombre. So even though I have a bit of a heavy root now, I still have tons of blonde in my hair to throw some color in it. There’s a certain shade that I have in mind that I want to do right before New Years so we’ll see how that turns out.

However, I have some bad news. Bleach’s colours aren’t available for sale in the US & you can’t get them shipped over from the UK because of some stupid rule. But that won’t stop the internet from getting their hands on what they want. You can order Bleach’s colours from different sellers on Ebay 😈 For all other products that are NOT dyes, I believe Bleach can have them shipped to the US.

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All of Bleach’s colours are perfect. They really have come to craft these precise hues that are so dreamy. With their colours you can have mystical mermaid hair or a grungy punk mop, it’s all up to you. It would really be a dream to own any of the Bleach colours or any of their other products. If you’re in the London area a gift card to the salon would be out of this world as a Christmas present. If you know someone who is obsessed with hair color or is thinking about playing with color sometime soon then this would be a really great, one of a kind gift that they’ll love. Be sure to check Bleach London out!

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