I’ve been looking for the perfect fur jacket for some time now & I’ve finally found it!

It’s no secret that fur jackets are a current fashion obsession & I personally am all for it. Since around last winter I’ve been looking for a fur jacket but I just haven’t been able to find the perfect one. I either don’t like the quality of the fur or it’s cropped or patterned or I don’t know, there’s always some tacky twist to it. Well Pellobello has put an end to all of that.

Pellobello is an up-and-coming company that has gained some major popularity in Sweden & Denmark. Their fur jackets are handmade, cut & sewn pieces out of their Scandinavia factory. Each jacket is crafted out of genuine ostrich fur & comes in an assortment of cuts & colors.

This to me is what makes the Pellobello jackets so perfect, that you have options. Up until this point I had been looking for a very simple fur jacket. Something that I would be able to dress up however I wanted. I hated how I would come across fur jackets that would be cropped or multicolored. Sometimes I would find jackets that had gaudy, embellishments such as eye-catching buttons or ties. With the Pellobello jacket I can get a quality, solid colored jacket at the length that I want. I don’t have to worry about any unnecessary flare. However, Pellobello does offer custom jackets to make however which way you want it. So if you want a knee length, striped pink fur jacket, you go for it. They also offer vests, warmers, beanies, accessories, & even adorable to die for bags. Pellobello has something to offer for anyone looking to get fabulous in fur this winter.

Also, did I mention the price? All of Pellobello’s products are super affordable but for as low as $132 you can get your hands on the perfect fur jacket — any color, any cut. This is a perfect gift that is sure to be a timeless piece to add to anyone’s wardrobe.

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