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Motor Head magazine presents their second Hakone Hill Climb which includes a mix of vintage & current race cars yet again. To add even more torque, Motor Head added F1 cars to this year’s bunch. The Hakone Turnpike overlooks the Pacific Ocean, Lake Ashi, & the famous Mt. Fuji. So even if you don’t care for the cars I promise that the stunning scenery of Japan will leave you mesmerized.

Earlier in 2015 I actually had the privilege to visit Japan & spend some time in Hakone to drive a 1999 GTR up the infamous turnpike. Watching this video really made me reminisce on that amazing moment & inspired me to share this video with you. Motor culture isn’t for everyone but that doesn’t mean it should be completely overlooked. This video is a good glimpse into a world that revolves around speed. If you want an even bigger glimpse then I suggest that you go to look at Motor Head’s first Hakone Hill climb. The first video offers more insight about the Hakone Turnpike, the anatomy of the cars, & the passion behind motor culture.

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