Whether it’s the music, art, or flower headbands that brings you to Coachella, here is the lineup for 2016.

Is it me or does there seem to be like a ton of EDM this year? Then again I’ve never been to Coachella so how would I know? Every year Coachella is so tempting but for some reason I always back out of going. Whether it be not finding a group to go with or not wanting to pay $400+ on a single weekend; I can always convince myself not to go.  I’ll never forget when Pharrell brought out Gwen Stefani during Coachella 2014. I went to watch the performance on YouTube & literally cried because I couldn’t believe that I missed that; both of my parents on stage together performing one of my favorite songs of all time.

I think back to past Coachella moments like that & I think that maybe, in the end, you DEFINITELY get what you pay for. You get to see iconic artists, iconic reunions, & you even get the chance to discover upcoming artists. Plus you get to see some incredible art installations & maybe even meet new people. In the end it’s an experience & how you experience it is all up to you.

For those of you like me that have failed to get Coachella early bird passes, you still have a chance. Remaining passes will go on sale Wednesday, January 6 at 11 am (PST). GA passes are $399 but are only available for weekend 2. However there are a whole bunch of different packages that you can buy so make sure to check out Coachella’s site.

Weekend 1 will take place April 15th-17th & weekend 2 will be from April 22nd-24th.

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