Kudos Twitter.

I love Twitter. I really do. Out of all my social media outlets, I consider Twitter my favorite. I’ve had a Twitter since I was in 8th grade & I am now only a month away from being 21 years old. So as you can see, I’ve been on Twitter for a while. I like to consider myself a Twitter OG & even a Twitter pusher. If I could collect commission for every person I convinced to use Twitter, I would be a rich  woman.

Twitter has come a long way since it launched in 2006. However I’ve never been upset with any of its updates. (Except that little follow button on the bottom right when you’re scrolling down your timeline. I always accidentally follow people because of it. @TWITTER, please remove that.) Anyways, when I first heard that Twitter was going to be expanding their character count, I was upset. Out of all the things throughout the years, this is the one thing that hasn’t changed. It had become a signature of Twitter. In my opinion the 140 character count is almost a bit iconic in the world of internet just because everyone knows where it stems from. I for sure thought that this 10,000 character count would immediately lead Twitter to a rapid & sure death. This would be the end of my favorite app.

Then I realized I was being dramatic. People are lazy & have short attention spans. I truthfully don’t see many people caring enough to write 10,000 characters worth of content. I love Twitter because it’s simple & it’s quick. I’m sure that this is a common trait admired by its’ users & I feel like there will always be this unwritten rule to keep it short. So unless you’re scrolling through a political hashtag, I don’t believe that you’ll be seeing paragraphs on Twitter anytime soon. Every now & then I’m sure you’ll come across those people that will go on & on about their day but I think we can all handle a few of those. Especially if you still have a Facebook, then you’re really prepared for these types of rambles. But if you just can’t seem to deal then there’s always that handy little mute button.

So don’t freak out just yet. This might not make that big of a difference after all. Maybe it’ll give us a new reason to love Twitter even more? At the end of the day, Twitter is a space for people to use as their public & personal platform. So if anything we should really just be thanking Twitter for expanding our opportunity to make a point & connect with people.

With that being said, follow me on Twitter!


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