Beyoncé has done it again but I mean, could we really expect anything less from her? Drops a city slickin’ yet south reppin’ feel-good track that’ll make you want to strut all the way into Red Lobster with bae on his leash, trailing behind your bootylicious slaying-self. Of course she drops the song a day before Super Bowl 50 which she’s scheduled to perform at; a total diva Beyoncé move.

Produced by Mike Will & co-written by Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee, the track talks about women empowerment. A very strong theme that can be found in pretty much all of Beyoncé’s music. Parallel to the women empowerment themes, the song also talks about black empowerment matters where she brings up owning her “negro” features, New Orleans, & being the black Bill Gates. All in perfect time for Black History Month too. YES.

Not only did she drop a song BUT, she also dropped a video – simultaneously. Like I said though, could we really expect anything less from her? In the video you’ll see Beyoncé owning it like always & of course there are some ladies getting in formation. The black empowerment themes visually comes to life as well & it is so powerfully done. At the very end when Beyoncé is laying on top of the New Orleans police car as it submerges under water in the middle of a southern ghetto speaks volume. I appreciate her so much as an artist for using her position of power to bring light to truth. Blue Ivy also makes an appearance so the video is definitely a must see.

If you have yet to download the track, you can get it for FREE exclusively from Tidal.

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