Welcome to the web Hypebae! A site designed by Hypebeast to fit its’ female followers.

Love it or hate it, it’s no secret that Hypebeast is a leading source for all things streetwear & pop culture. Well now Hypebeast brings us Hypebae. Hypebae looks forward to “showcasing today’s strong, empowered women and wants to bring focus to a dynamic range of disciplines.” 

Hypebae covers similar categories as Hypebeast such as fashion, travel, & entertainment. The main differences here is that Hypebae will only cover content curated for women (obviously) & that it offers insight on health, home, & beauty. Some more ~wifey~ type of stuff, ya know?

I fully support this idea & I truthfully am excited for it to grow. It’s still in its’ beginning stages but I know that this will be a go-to source for all the girls that are looking for what Vogue just can’t offer. I really hope that Hypebae stays rooted in its’ streetwear origin being that it’s a subchannel from Hypebeast. There are so many different variations of women’s fashion magazines but none that have a heavy streetwear influence. It’s always about the runway or brick and mortar fast-fashion labels; there’s nothing for that girl in between & I’m really hoping that Hypebae can bring that idea to life.


My only problem,

Why the hell is it called Hypebae?



Oh well, it’s still a cool idea. Just a lame ass name. Be sure to check out now!

HYPEBAE: Website | Twitter | Instagram

HYPEBEAST: Website | Twitter | Instagram


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