The bi-annually awaited Supreme preview is finally here.

I feel like this season is everything that I would expect from Supreme. It was definitely consistent but nothing substantially forward in all honesty. However I will commend them on their use of sequins & rhinestones. The rhinestones remind me of the flashy rap era & the way they used their sequins feels rather regal more than anything else. Yet a lot of the season does feel very genderless in my opinion which is especially cool considering I’m a girl (lolz). Overall though it doesn’t feel too far off from things they have done recently. I love that this season feels retro & that there’s a lot color but these are things that I can almost always expect from Supreme. So yes, the new season of Supreme is cool, I’m just not exactly sure that it’s that cool. I don’t feel disappointed by the collection in anyway, I just feel that it is more consistent rather than outstanding.

The full look book is below to see but visit Supreme’s website to see the full preview. The webstore will be up & running again for the first drop on February 25th. The collection will be available to buy in-store on February 18th in New York, Los Angeles, & London; And February 20th in Japan.

I’m really interested to hear some other opinions though so let me know what you think about the Spring/Summer collection by leaving a comment below.


SUPREME: Website | Twitter | Instagram


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