With Planned Parenthood on the verge of being defunded, these artists join forces to benefit one of my favorite organizations.

It’s no secret that I stand with Planned Parenthood but I certainly fear for it’s future. The government has recently had their eye on Planned Parenthood for some time now & it has been put on the line to lose federal funds. Thankfully the most recent bill in 2015 was advanced to authorize the federal funding for Planned Parenthood but with candidates like Ted Cruz running for president, all of that could be over soon.

Fear not though because we have artists-slash-heroes like Miley Cyrus, Marilyn Minter, & Marc Jacobs that are teaming to give the world some art & give the world some heart.

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Disney star turned whatever-the-fuck-she-wants-to-be, Miley Cyrus, collaborated with Marilyn Minter to create some steamy prints to benefit Planned Parenthood. Marilyn Minter is a world renowned artist who is currently living in NYC. She creates paintings, photographs, & even digital imagery. Miley & Marilyn are dream team being that they both heavily play around in themes of sexual freedom & femininity. There are 50 exclusive prints from Marilyn & Miley that are up for sale on Artsy for $5,500 a print.

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In addition to the original prints Miley called in one of my favorite designers, Marc Jacobs, to help benefit the organization. This collaboration includes an exclusive Marc Jacobs t-shirt with Marilyn Minter’s print of Miley. Just as the Artsy prints, 100% of the t-shirt sales will go directly to fund Planned Parenthood. It’s unclear as to whether both the prints will be featured on the t-shirts  but I guess we’ll just have to wait a bit to see. The t-shirts go up for sale on on May 16th so updated news on the t-shirts should be coming shortly.

MILEY CYRUS: Website | Instagram | Twitter

MARILYN MINTER: Website | Instagram | Twitter

MARC JACOBS: Website | Instagram | Twitter

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