What does Yeezus & Beethoven have in common? A lot, according to the Young Musicians Foundation.

“You wouldn’t intuitively thinkĀ of Kanye West and Beethoven as being similar musicians, but if you listen a little closer, you’ll notice a lot of similarities. Their willingness to ruthlessly up end tradition and their influence on a larger culture can’t be overstated.”

Led by conductor Yuga Cohler & arranger Stephen Feigenbaum, the Young Musicians Foundation performed their rendition of Yeethoven this past Saturday on April 16th. Yeethoven includes 6 classic Beethoven pieces and 6 tracks from Kanye’s album Yeezus.

The event was free and tickets were first come first serve at the Aratani Theatre in Los Angeles but unfortunately, I missed out. The life ruining LA traffic got the best of me and caused me to show up late to the theatre. There was already a line wrapped around the corner and down the street when I got there. I faithfully waited for an hour and a half only to be told what I already knew; the theatre had reached capacity at 841 people and there were no more tickets. Me & about a half a thousand people all stood outside of the theatre disappointed. The option of a second showing later that night had been explored but unfortunately the request was denied. However rumor has it that the YMF is trying to put on a second show of Yeethoven to give people who missed out another chance to see it live. I’m really hoping that goes through because I am so bummed I didn’t get the chance to see it!

Check out the videos below to get a glimpse at the live Yeethoven performance:

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