Happy Earth Day! Here are 5 ways you can help Mother Earth stay alive & well.

END JUNK MAIL. Do you really need that seasonal catalog? Or your bill statements in paper? Probably not. In most cases junk mail is annoying but in all cases, it’s a waste of paper & extremely harmful to the environment. Stop the junk mail & head to the web. Online you’ll be able to access your bill statements, catalogs, coupons & pretty much anything you else you might find in your mailbox. With today’s technology there is always a paperless option so let’s make sure were taking advantage of that, it’s one of the most proactive & positive ways to use the internet.

TRACK YOUR ONLINE ENERGY USE. Even though the internet can be great for going paperless, it still uses quite a bit of energy. The best thing we can do about this is be conscious and moderate with our online energy usage. The “Earth Mode” extension for Google Chrome is the perfect way to monitor how much energy you’re using. My favorite part of this extension is that Johnnie Walker will plant trees in order to offset your carbon footprint! This way you can look at memes for 3 hours and not feel that bad about it.

EAT LESS MEAT. I feel like this tip has become more well known recently which is really exciting. However it is a task that’s not easy. If everyone were to eat less meat it would make such a big difference in the world’s carbon footprint. The meat industry alone emits over 36 billion tons of greenhouse gases annually. To make just a single burger costs 660 gallons of water! Cutting back on meat is better for our general health as well so not only are you helping the Earth but you’re helping yourself.

BUY LOCAL PRODUCE. Supporting local business is always a good idea but buying your produce local is especially great. Buying your produce local will help lessen those greenhouse emissions & strengthen your local environment. Local produce is also fresher than super market produce  because of the time it takes to transport the food from the farm, to the store, and then to you. So with local produce you’ll be able to attain more nutritional value from your fruits and veggies.

GIVE UP DISPOSABLE PLASTIC. Plastic can be great tool to help go green if you’re using it the right away. Stay away from disposable plastic as much as possible. Instead of buying cases of water, invest in a few good quality water bottles that you can refill whenever you need. Instead of getting plastic bags from the store, bring  reusable bags of your own. If using disposable plastic is unavoidable in your life, then at least remember to recycle.

Making an effort to care for our environment is very important. We only have one Earth, so let’s take care of it! Going green isn’t easy but it’s not entirely impossible. To learn more and get involved, visit savetheearth.org.

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