June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016

Prince will live on through his music & all the countless iconic memories of the times he stunned us. I feel so lucky to be a fan of Prince & to have been raised in a household where Prince was loved. Rest in Peace to my Fairy Godfather. You were magical. Thank you for all your inspiration & gorgeous art.


There is so much to say about Prince Rogers Nelson. He was so genuine & authentic. He never conformed when it came to his art because conforming his art would mean conforming who he was. He glowed with confidence & fabulousness. His life was full of beauty & greatness and he was so magical & elusive. I absolutely loved the way he loved women & how he was inspired by them. He set gender aside & expressed himself freely to be perceived as he felt. There was so much balance in everything he did; he was just as much of a genius as he was an artist.

May he Rest in Peace.

“A strong spirit transcends rules.”

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