Hi guys 🙂  Hope everyone had a great weekend & a wonderful Mother’s Day! Here’s an update on CHROME’s Haul for House of Ruth.

The women at the shelter were so grateful & couldn’t believe the generosity of the gifts! The energy of the room went from shock to euphoria & that’s when I knew the mission had been accomplished. We were truly able to give so much to these women that sometimes have very little.

This is Susie, she’s the donations coordinator for House of Ruth.

More than anything, I want these women to know that they are not any less of a woman, a mother, a partner, or a human being just because they’re a victim of domestic violence. I hope that these women will be able to see that the limitations of love don’t end with a single partner. Love stretches far beyond our expectations. It can be found in your children, a stranger, & even an angel; but most importantly, love should be found within yourself.

Happy Late Mother’s Day to all the Moms around the world. None of us would be here without you! Make sure you take the time to show your momma some love & let her know that you appreciate her. Moms are truly a gift.

Once again I really cannot thank you guys enough! I can’t believe we raised $1,100! And a very special shoutout to all my broke college students who donated too. I know that $10 could’ve been a Chipotle burrito :/

HOUSE OF RUTH: Website | Facebook | Twitter

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