From the studio to the runway, Tyler is staking his claim as a creator with his first ever GOLF fashion show.

Tyler The Creator has come a long way from the rapper that ate a cockroach. Two mixtapes, two studio albums, three seasons of Loiter Squad, & six seasons of GOLF; it only seems inevitable that a runway show was next for Felicia The Goat.

In more recent years we have seen a lot of brands bridge the gap between streetwear & high-fashion; GOLF is another label to be added to that list with its’ debut runway show this weekend at MADE LA. Tyler The Creator makes it easy to dress up your play clothes with his balanced use of color, patterns, & cut n’ sew pieces. In a time that is so dominated by neutrals & helvetica, GOLF is a breath of fresh air.

Walking into the show felt like Tyler’s own version of a primary colored Wonderland. There were giant sunflowers & roses that aligned the thermometer shaped yellow runway. On the sides of the runway were two stages. One scene was a bathroom & the other a Golf course. When the show began, the room became dark & a spotlight revealed Tyler in his bedroom: a pastel polka dot bed, a wardrobe dressed up as a giant GOLF backpack, & a Kelis poster to complete the scene. Tyler wakes up and starts his day dressed in GOLF down to the shoes. This is just the beginning of the live action theatre that Tyler puts on in the show. After the mini bikes make their appearance on the runway, the show transitions to a classic fashion show with models sporting the newest season of GOLF.

This season of GOLF stays in its famous lane of sporty looks & color. There are various tees, animal print polos, logo hoodies, shorts, pants, socks, and hats. There is even a good selection of other goodies this season such as tote bags, a wallet, dice, a skateboard, a journal, keyboard skin, sunglasses, & balls. However the most desired item this season will no doubt be GOLF’s debut line of shoes.

Along with furniture design & the performance of his new song “Ego”, Tyler decided to surprise the crowd with the announcement of his new line of shoes – GOLF le FLEUR*.

“I decided to take a leap, y’all know I did a collab with Vans & shit & all this stuff but I just realized black people don’t really own shit. So fuck royalty checks I’m gonna start my own shit and if it fails, it fails but I decided to start my own shoe company. We’ll see what the fuck happens.”

Naturally the crowd was supportive of the surprise of GOLF le FLEUR* but the surprises didn’t stop there. Kanye West delivered an envelope to Tyler which revealed that everybody that purchased a ticket would get a free pair of shoes & the crowd went wild.


It was truly the perfect way to end the show. It was such a surprise but done in such Tyler The Creator fashion that it almost made you feel like “I should’ve known that was going to happen.” That’s one thing about Tyler, he really is a fucking walking paradox – you never know what to expect but you can always expect to be surprised.

The presale for this season of GOLF is now up on the site. All items are listed except for the shoes so keep a lookout for updates on that. If you missed the show, the live stream is available to watch below.

“I’ve got some really sick ideas & I’m happy that I have people around me that trust them. Who don’t judge & just allow me to move & be.”

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