CL’s long awaited US debut is finally here! Check out the video for her new song, “Lifted.”

Formerly part of mega popular K-Pop group 2NE1, Chaelin Lee (better known as CL), finally makes her American debut with her new MV “Lifted”.

Just last year CL parted from 2NE1 with her first solo single, “Hello Bitches“. I personally loved the single and it made me really excited for CL’s American debut.

Now that the single is here though, I can’t say that I’m fully satisfied. I understand that making the change from K-Pop to American music is going to be a slow, steady transition. I know that CL has a big team behind her that is going to encourage her to make the “right moves.” However, I do believe that a less generic single could have been crafted. “Lifted” even includes a bit of the over-exploited Dancehall trend that has been a crazy popular music industry go-to throughout 2016 — a trend that I am so completely over.

However, I do not feel completely disappointed. I still think the visuals are enjoyable and resemble a lot of classic K-Pop characteristics which I love. K-Pop videos are always over the top and a bit loony. They’re full of color, fashion, and dancing — all of which I feel have faded within modern music videos over time.

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of this song, I still think that “Lifted” has the potential to go somewhere and land CL a slot in America’s mainstream media. I’m a fan of CL and really hope for her global success. She’s beautiful, confident and has the potential to change the way Americans view the modern Asian women. I think representation is very important and I am so ready to see an Asian it-girl within America.

But without any further ado, here is the video for “Lifted.”

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