With the new year just around the corner, Nintendo prepares to unveil a new way to game.

Nintendo is pushing the envelope once again by offering gamers a more flexible on-the-go gaming experience with their new Nintendo Switch.

Official details on the switch will not be released until January 12, 2017 where fans can tune in at 8 p.m. PT to watch live.

As for now, Nintendo has left us eager with images and a short trailer that shows a good first look at the console.


As shown above, the Nintendo Switch will be a gaming console that can switch from dock to handheld. You simply slide the joystick controllers on or off depending how you want to game. You can even comfortably place the Switch screen in front of you, unclip the joy-cons and kick back while you play. Much like the Wii U, this console will allow you to take the (Mario) party anywhere.

However, I’m sure there are Nintendo users everywhere that are hoping that the Switch isn’t much like the Wii U at all. There were many complaints that the Wii U was too big to be considered effortlessly portable and that their on-the-go gaming experienced suffered due to system stutter. A lot of users are hoping for a bigger list of third party games as well.

So hopefully everyone will be pleasantly surprised come January 12, when they release the official details.

I love Nintendo and I think they will always do as much as they can to offer their best. They’re a company that not only tries to maintain but to invent and evolve. I’m hoping that the Switch will turn things around for them.

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