Michelle Obama sits down to talk with Oprah Winfrey during one of her final days in the White House.

The countdown is on for First Lady, Michelle Obama, as she prepares for the Trump Administration’s transition.

Oprah Winfrey takes a look back on the past 8 years that Michelle has spent in the White House as a mother, wife and First Lady.

Michelle talks about having hope, living out loud and what she learned about herself while being in the White House. She also says that her door is open for future FLOTUS, Melania Trump. Michelle mentions how “gracious” Laura Bush was to her throughout her time at the White House and that she plans to model the same gracious motives to Melania.

I admire how stylish and poised Michelle is but of all things, I admire how fearless she has been. She committed herself to acting with kindness and intelligence, even when people were trying to diminish her light. I think she has served as a wonderful role-model for women everywhere. Thank you for everything FLOTUS.

The full interview between Oprah and Mrs. Obama is below, enjoy!

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