Walk through a wonderland as Uzumaki Cepeda reworks everyday objects and the hypnotic texture of faux fur.

Uzumaki Cepeda is a 21-year-old contemporary Dominican artist that is staking her claim in installations, experiences, and sculptures.

Cepeda was raised in the Bronx and formally named Julianna. It wasn’t until she studied energy that she decided to adopt the name Uzumaki, which translates to spiral in Japanese.


Currently, Cepeda is residing in Los Angeles, California as a working artist. Despite her faux fur installations being relatively new, Cepeda has already managed to captivate the people looking for something different. She ended 2016 with having an installation at the first ever ComplexCon and started 2017 with a VSCO interview. How’s that for making moves?

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Cepeda’s ComplexCon x AWGE installation for the app release, Koraju.

I am excited to see Cepeda’s work take-off throughout the course of 2017 and I hope to visit another installation. Truthfully her installation at ComplexCon was the most interesting one there. While all the other “must-see” installations of ComplexCon settled for some type of exotic sports car, Cepeda worked to offer something new, interactive and vibrant; much like the work of ComplexCon committee host, Takashi Murakami.

Most importantly, I think Cepeda can inspire people to create. Her work is unconventional yet attainable. She shows people that you can use anything to create. You don’t have to know how to work with paint or clay in order to make “art.” I feel that there are so many people who want to be creative but don’t try because they think art belongs only to traditional mediums. We live in a new world where that isn’t true. Art belongs to anyone and to any medium – find your medium and create✨

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UZUMAKI CEPEDA: Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr


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