For the pissed-off & heartbroken.

Ah, yes. Valentine’s Day.

That special time of year where people everywhere are pressured by consumerism-culture to show “admiration” for the one they love.

Even though this idea is really a load of shit, most know that Valentine’s Day can actually feel pretty lonely if you’re, well, alone.

For those that are alone this Valentine’s Day, cope with Mannequin Pussy’s latest album, Romantic.

Mannequin Pussy is punk band out of Philly made up of Marisa Debice (vocals & guitar), Thanasi Paul (guitar), Kaleen Reading (drums), & Colins ‘Bear’ Regisford (bass).

Since 2013, the band has been piecing together music under indie record label, Tiny Engines, with their previous album being Gypsy Pervert. With each bit of music, it felt as if Mannequin Pussy was adding fuel to the fire that would eventually lead to the explosion known as Romantic.

Romantic isn’t an album of romanticism but rather realism. It focuses on all the soul-crushing, hair-pulling anxiety that often accompanies “love.” It tells a story of the side of love we’re sometimes afraid to face with tracks titled “Emotional High” and “Denial”. It’s important to take notice that all the tracks are cleverly titled to represent the cycle of love itself. With the first moment of love being titled “Kiss” and the last moment being titled “Beside Yourself”, which is about burning bridges and letting go of the past in order to move on. Mannequin Pussy even dedicates a frustrated and provocative track to the out of touch reality of online dating with the song titled “Meatslave One”; in other words it’s the Tinder hookup we definitely do not want to talk about.

It’s this type of honesty paired with Marisa Debice’s in-your-face vocals that make Romantic such a relatable album. Within only 18 minutes, Romantic is saying all the things that you wanted to scream at the top of lungs following heartbreak. The carefully crafted, musical, and emotional, rollercoaster of shoegaze, punk, and garage come together to really make a statement album that will forever speak volumes about relationships in the millennial generation. The best part about Romantic is that not only does it make you feel understood, but it leaves you feeling empowered. It’ll be fastest self-actualization that you’ve ever experienced.

The full album is available to stream below, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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