This planet is feminine but dark. It lives in a solar system made up of love, drugs, hypnotic echoes and melodic 808s – orbiting its main star, Emi.

Before creating a planet of her own, Emi resided in Seattle where she built a steady following through releasing a handful of singles that left listeners wanting more. With popular tracks like “Hit Me” and “Sip It Slow,” it was easy to conclude that Emi was one to keep an eye on.

Here we are a year later with the EP that she promised, Planet. A total of eight tracks in just 21 minutes, Planet is a short but sweet project that will leave you completely satisfied. The EP is full of dark R&B that talks about Emi’s relationships in her love life, the music industry, and the drug game. Highlights of the project include, “Fools” and “Game,” which Nav makes an appearance on production.

On another highlight track titled “Cheap”, Emi brings her hustler mantra  to the forefront. With lyrics like, “I was on the corner as a youngin’ gettin’ quarters, I was pulling all the strings that would put me in this place / Now I’m on the corner with the scale I’m slanging quarters, now I got some shit to live for hope that I don’t catch a case” – you wonder if you can really take Emi’s word for it. However in a recent interview with Galore, Emi cements the fact that her lyrics are “a reflection of her real life.” And let’s face it, besides the stellar production and melody of Planet, Emi’s lyrical approach of bad-girl-tells-all makes the EP a stand out performance.

Hopefully there will be visuals and a tour to follow up with the project soon. In the meantime, stream the EP below.

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