It’s finally unveiled! Take a look at Olivier Rousteing’s highly anticipated Balmain x H&M collection.

Pearl, leather, satin & sequins — The Balmain x H&M collection is sure to make quite the impression at all your upcoming holiday parties. Every eye in the room will be mesmerized by your monolithic minidress decorated in gold embellishments, elegant embroidery, & polished patterns.

Truthfully there are quite a few pieces that I want to purchase from this collection but I am a bit hesitant. Last Fall, H&M released their Alexander Wang collection that sold out in minutes. I wasn’t really a fan of the Wang x H&M collection so when the pieces went on sale, I didn’t even flinch. Because of that, I’m not really sure what to expect as far as the quality of the pieces. I’m not sure if I should expect standard H&M quality or if I could expect something a little bit above average — which I am hoping for. These pieces are beautiful but they won’t hold up nicely if they’re made as a standard H&M piece. The items are set to sell at $200-$700 which is quite a price to pay for an H&M garment with a Balmain label.

However, when Vogue asked Rousteing about Balmain’s “elevated techniques” he replied saying,

The craftsmanship was really important to me in the Balmain x H&M collection. If you collaborate with Balmain, you have to know that there can never be any compromise, and that’s something that H&M understood so well. They really pushed themselves to make it happen, to get that feeling of exclusivity and uniqueness. Embellishment has been part of my work at Balmain from the beginning. The allover beaded dress comes from my very first Balmain collection, so it’s like I’m literally giving to H&M the beginning of my story. There’s something emotional for me about how this dress was born, and now through H&M I’m giving it to the world.

So who knows? Maybe H&M won’t skip out on the quality?

Regardless, I most definitely see myself heading to H&M on November 5th to see the collection & possibly purchase. I absolutely love the sequined emerald plunge minidress & see it as my #1 desired piece from the collection. I would also like to take a better look at the black/emerald fur jacket as well as the different boots & pants. Overall, it’s a stunning collection & I’m sure it is set to fly off the shelves within seconds.

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