I’m so excited to share my new, super cute Sailor Moon make-up with you!

I had heard about this online from two of my favorite Youtubers: Beckii Cruel & Michelle Phan. Beckii Cruel is kawaii princess & J-pop star living in Isle of Man. She brought the Sailor Moon Eyeliner to my attention in her Kawaii Gift Guide video. Immediately I thought it was cute but I convinced myself not to buy. Then about a month or so later, I came across beauty guru Michelle Phan’s Cashmere Kitty video which uses not only the Sailor Moon eyeliner but the Miracle Romance Shining Powder as well. Once I saw that they have the powder to match the eyeliner I decided that I had to get them.

Both the Miracle Romance Shining Powder & the Miracle Romance Wand Eyeliner.
The packaging for the powder is super cute & has a lot of detail! Truthfully I threw away the packaging for the eyeliner but I’m definitely going to keep the box from the powder.


The compact itself is small & is probably about the size of my palm. It’s also a lot more pink in person. It’s really reflective so it’s looks like a rose gold in this picture due to the light in my room.
The little button that opens the compact.


The inside of the compact is complete with a dainty powder puff & cosmic detailing around the rim of the mirror.
Cute ribbon design that’s a transparent protector for the powder. (sorry for the blurry pic)
The powder underneath the powder puff & the transparent cover.
The powder itself is very white & sparkly. It also smells really good. The quality is just okay though. I would recommend it as a shimmer more than a standard powder or a highlight.



The complete packaging of the eyeliner. Cute but nothing spectacular, especially compared to the powder’s packaging.
You can barely make it out but the eyeliner has “Miracle Romance” written on one side & a cute Sailor Moon & Luna design on the other side that I wasn’t able to get a picture of.
Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 8.31.38 AM
Overall this is what the wand looks like with moon cap on. It’s not too big, maybe about 4-5 inches long.
The actual eyeliner is a classic liquid felt-tipped pen. Seems good, not sure if the felt will keep its’ shape but we’ll see.
I have yet to actually use the eyeliner on my eyes but it doesn’t seem to draw on too dark at first, definitely shake the eyeliner before using. 


Truthfully I don’t know much background information about either of the items. I had no clue where to buy them, how rare they are, or if they’re even rare at all? For all I know they could be for sale at every Family Mart in Japan. Nonetheless I went online in order to find both items. It seems like there’s only one version of the eyeliner which is the wand. I got the wand for a little over $20 which was the cheapest I found. The compact was a little bit more difficult to find because there are different variations of it. The prices also range quite a bit. You can expect anywhere from $75-$100+ for a compact so make sure you price match on both Amazon & eBay. Also, make sure you are ordering the make-up & NOT the toy. There are a lot of toy compacts for sale as well so double check that you’re ordering the right item.

I do plan on using the eyeliner but I don’t think I’ll be using much of the powder. If I use the powder it’ll make the compact look less cute so yeah, don’t want to mess that up. Plus the powder seems hard? Almost like an eyeshadow texture rather than like a soft blush or a standard powder. More than anything the Miracle Romance make-up is just a collector’s item that I plan to use as decor for my vanity. Above all, it’s super cute & I’m happy that I decided to get it. It’s definitely worth the purchase if you’re a Sailor Moon fan or a lover of anything kawaii.


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