“Wow the paradigm has shifted, She killed it… everything is changed now!!!! Lil Sis kiiiiiiiilled this shit!!!!!!!”

-Kanye West

 I couldn’t have said it better than Kanye. Plain & simple, Rihanna has been killing it. Just last year she was announced as the new creative director for Puma & released her creeper sneaker that sold out just within 3 hours. Parallel to that we have her collaboration with Stance & the release of her own fragrance. Now here we are in 2016 & Rihanna starts off the year by finally releasing her promised album, ANTI. Which just went platinum & is considered to be standout album for not only Rihanna but for pop music today. Followed by the release of her album, Rih takes on NYFW & debuts her full collection of FENTY x PUMA.


Anyways, FENTY x PUMA is full of monochromatic athletic wear that can be dressed up into the street style that we are so heavily seeing in fashion right now. There is a lot of balance in this line but you can mostly expect a lot of health goth vibes; but they’re tasteful health goth vibes, I promise. And even though the line is monochromatic, there is still a lot of detail. There are a lot of ties, zippers, & materials that range from fur to satin to lace. Like I said, there’s a lot of balance; for every oversized pair of warm-ups there’s a form fitting lace-open top to match. I also loved how the models were styled to a boxer-esque regard, not just in their looks but in their attitude. It really helped send Rihanna’s message down the runway.

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I think Rihanna did a fantastic job, especially considering that this is her runway debut. I can’t wait for the collection to release & I hope that we can expect another NYFW show from her in Fall. I also hope that in the meantime Rihanna takes a break & gets some rest because the ANTI world tour starts in just 11 days.

RIHANNA: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Puma


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